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Feb 2013

What are Murder Mystery Party Games?

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Murder mystery party games play a big role in the Murder Scripts series I’m working on. The series protagonist, Grace Atwood, is a former wedding planner who now plans and organizes these kinds of events. And I’ll eventually release downloadable murder mystery party games here at

But what are murder mystery party games exactly?

Think of them as a combination of a party and a play. You invite people over for a dinner party (or any kind of party that fits the theme). And when they arrive you give them each a script booklet. Each guest will play a character in the scripted murder mystery story.

The guests won’t know their role — who the victim is, who the murderer is, etc. The point of the game is for them (or their characters) to figure it out. The script serves as a guide, letting them know what information they should share about their character, who they should talk to, and what the basic sequence of events is. Eventually the killer and victim will find out their identities. The victim “dies.” The killer tries to avoid being caught. And the other players try to solve the crime.

Some of these murder mystery party games come in downloadable formats. You print them when it’s time for your party. Others come in boxed sets, and might even include props.

Have you ever played a murder mystery party game? What did you think of them, and would you play them again?

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Sep 2012

The Murder Script Game Plan

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The Murder Script series is more than a series of murder mystery novels. The books revolve around Grace Atwood — a former wedding planner who now plans (and ignited a local trend in) murder mystery parties. While the novel series could stand alone, I decided to make things more interactive. I’ll release downloadable murder mystery party games to give readers direct experience in Grace’s world.

While most of these murder mystery party games will be sold here at, I plan to give the first away for free. I’d like to do this both to whet the appetite of readers and to gather feedback before moving forward with the game series.

I’m in the process of choosing the first murder mystery party game. I’m getting the prep work done early, and have the game development scheduled for January, release in early April which should be a few months before the novel is out.  Here are my options:

  • Murder mystery bachelorette party (this would be directly tied to the first novel’s party)
  • Holiday-themed murder party (problem is it’s too late for Christmas and too early for Halloween)
  • High school reunion theme murder party
  • Twisted fairy tale murder party
  • Rock concert theme murder party

I’m putting together a larger idea list, but these give me some options to start with. Any preferences as a player? Which of these would you like to see as the free murder party game option? Tell me in the comments.

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