Learn more about author, Aria Klein, or the Murder Script novel and game series below.

About the Murder Script Novels

The Murder Script mystery novel series revolves around the life of Grace Atwood — a former wedding planner who now plans murder mystery parties. Grace could never imagine this career for herself. But when she’s driven out of her wedding planning business, her best friend suggests a murder party as a way to vent while putting her talents to use again.

Grace’s parties become a hit among the upper class suburbanite crowd, but will her success be short-lived when her murder parties become plagued by the real thing?

About the Murder Script Games

The Murder Script games are a spin-off of the novel series. In the books, Grace Atwood plans murder mystery parties. The games are downloadable murder mystery party game scripts which fans of the books can play at at home with their own guests.

About Aria Klein

Aria Klein is the mystery writer behind the Murder Script series. She also works on horror fiction, writing under the pseudonym, A.J. Klein.

Outside of her fictional work, Aria has earned a living as a writer for several years under another name as a professional blogger, freelance writer, and Web publisher. She also owns a small publishing and Web development company where she releases nonfiction books and e-books under her real name.

While Aria’s real name isn’t exactly a secret, she’s always up for a bit of mystery. Catch her elsewhere if you can.

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